About Us

The vision behind Headlines Hairdressing is founded on a simple principle: gratitude. Thirty over years ago, Gary Lee carried this principle close to his heart. He believed that people who approach life with a sense of gratitude are kept in constant awareness of what is wonderful and beautiful in their life

As they enjoy the fruits of their successes, they seek out more success. And when things don’t turn out as planned, people who are grateful can put their failures into perspective and push on.

As a hairstylist and educator who has attained great renown in Singapore, Gary founded Headlines Hairdressing with the intent to provide this industry with a salon that catered to the delicate needs of clients using state-of-the-art techniques. Here, the client is listened to, patiently guided, educated and most importantly genuinely befriended.

The team at Headlines Hairdressing are professionals in their own right. All across the board, each hairstylist is well trained technically, being particularly proficient with Headlines Hairdressing’s chemical program. Ongoing training ensures that the team is constantly kept abreast of the innovations developing globally.

With proficient knowledge in textures, chemicals and professional hair care, clients can always be assured that the team at Headlines Hairdressing are masters of their trade who not only service but educate and widen the client’s experience of the industry’s gold standard in hair care. Currently, Headlines Hairdressing carries The Mucota Dyna line of products as well as the Matrix brand of products by L’Oreal.  

Walking through the doors, each client will be empowered with the ability to unlock and sustain the natural beauty and radiance hidden within. The team does their work not just with pride but with heart, in every cut, treatment and style. Headlines Hairdressing’s impeccable service is performed out of the gratitude that they have in return for their clients’ trust - the one principal that will always guide the work ethos of Headlines Hairdressing.